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Sponsorship Opportunities
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Below is a list of sample packages
Premier Package
Starts at $5,000.00 per year
Signage on drag car, rear window of
tow vehicle and side of trailer,
dedicated page on Web Site and new
Associate Package
Starts at $2,000 per year
Signage on drag car, choice of rear
window of tow vehicle or trailer and
dedicated page on Web site.
Honorary Sponsorships
Starts with $100 in racing supplies, or
monetary contributions per year
Signage on drag car and mention on
Web site.
Alternative Sponsorships
Starts with $100 in racing supplies per
Signage on tow vehicle rear window.

Vincent drives his tow vehicle daily
throughout the Southern California region
approximately 7K miles/year without the
The Mayeda Motorsports 2007 GMC
K3500 SLT, crew cab, dually , LBZ
Duramax tow vehicle and 24-foot
Haulmark Elite II Race Trailer
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Mayeda Motorsports is searching for partners who are looking for marketing and promotions exposure in California and
specifically Southern California.  Vincent does not believe in placing contingency stickers all over the car, but instead
firmly believes in maintaining a beautifully appearing car that provides an ideal platform to personally thank and
prominently represent the people and companies who directly contribute to Mayeda Motorsports. This ensures that  
partners do not get lost among a myriad of stickers.  As a full-time Marketing Communications Director with more than 15
years' experience developing and executing PR, advertising and branding campaigns, Vincent understands the importance
of effective marketing communications campaigns. He will ensure your company and products are represented
professionally, and he will work with you from a strategic standpoint for optimal results.  All display and promotional media
is negotiable and Mayeda Motorsports is more than willing to work with you in generating ideas, copywriting and
developing alternative promotional media.  So, join the team, and we look forward to working with you to reach all of your
marketing goals.
In addition to participating in Super Class, and nostalgia drag racing events, Vincent also actively displays his car
at car shows, benefiting local charities.  We look forward to working with our partners to schedule car show
appearances for additional exposure and promotional opportunities.
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