1963 Chevy II Super Sport
Mayeda Motorsports
7587 Super Gas/Super Street
Car Build Pictorial and History
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The Mayeda Motorsports 1963 Chevy II Super
Sport has been in the Mayeda family since 1963.
The Chevy II was originally purchased by
Vincent's grandfather, Saihachi "Sy" Mayeda, at
Chase Chevrolet in Stockton, CA. Vincent still has
the original bill of sale!

When Vincent's grandfather passed away in 1976,
the Chevy II remained in the family but fell into
severe disrepair, including being in several
accidents and sitting out in the Ventura, CA
elements for years without a rear windshield! In
1982, Vincent purchased the dilapidated Chevy II
from a relative, and so began the long road of
the build up.

By 1993, after many years of searching for
missing trim pieces and collecting parts while
trying to stay ahead of the past affects of
disrepair, Vincent finally had to face the task of
either replacing the entire floor pan from firewall
to trunk, including much of the exterior
sheetmetal due to rust and rot, or scrap the car.
It was at this point that Vincent decided to go
even further. In 1996, he decided to build the
Chevy II into a drag car while maintaining as
much of the Chevy II's original looks and lines as

Without the help from family and many friends,
the completion of the project would have never
been realized.
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