AA/Fuel Pontiac Funny Car
Mayeda Motorsports &
Taylor Racing
Car Specifications
Chassis and Safety
Custom 125-inch Funny Car Chassis - SFI 10.5
Components from Mark Williams, Victory and McKinney

5-point harness, transmission blanket, fire extinguisher system

Supercharger restraint, lower engine containment

Driver: SFI-20 fire suit, boots, gloves; head/neck restraint; and seat safety
Bill Taylor, Tom Depew,
Chris New, Brad Woodard,
Vincent Mayeda

DJ Safety

DJ Safety

DJ Safety, Innovative Safety
Products (ISP), Safety
Solutions R3,
400 ci Pontiac factory stock block, forged crank; Kauffman Racing
High-Port cylinder heads; Bullet Racing Cams, T&D valve train, JE Top Fuel
coated pistons, custom wet sump oiling system

Mert Littlefield 8-71 supercharger; Enderle Fuel Injection, Waterman 'Super
Bertha' fuel pump

Custom Pontiac aluminum blower intake manifold - cast aluminum runners
Bill Taylor, Vincent Mayeda

Mayeda Motorsports
Custom dual-wall funny car zoomies
Bill Taylor/Tom Depew
Air-shifted 3-speed Lenco, SFI  6.2 Pontiac flywheel, and Crower 3-disc
CrowerGlide clutch
Vincent Mayeda, Bill Taylor
and Eric Hawes
Rear End
Modular aluminum full-floater unit

4.30 gear and Funny Car solid driveshaft
Mark Williams
Front Suspension
A-arm and Mark Williams disc brakes
Bill Taylor, Vincent Mayeda
Wheels and Tires
Rear: 34.5x17; Front: 24x4.5 Goodyear Eagles
16x16 SFI Beadlocks and 15x3.5 Spindle Mount Centerline Convo Pro
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