Welcome to Mayeda Motorsports!
Welcome to Mayeda Motorsports!
We carry both synthetic and conventional lubricants to meet all of your automotive needs.
Whether you're breaking in a new street engine, changing the oil in your diesel truck or racing
Top Fuel, we have you covered. For more information, give us a call.  We also carry a large
selection of filters for your diesel truck to your race car, specializing in
Baldwin, Wix and
Donaldson oil, fuel and air filters.

Mayeda Motorsports is an authorized dealer for
DJ Safety and Deist products, including SFI 17.1
Top Fuel-level on-board fire systems and SFI-20 suits to SA2010 helmets. We also offer DOT-
compliant driver restraints/seat belts. Contact us for all of your safety equipment needs.

September/October 2015:
s part of the 2015 Driver Suit Sponsorship, Mayeda Motorsports completed several custom DJ Safety driver
suits for customers. If you're looking to get into a new driver suit (from SFI-1 to SFI-20), contact us before the
limited-time program ends in December.

July/August 2015:
The Mayeda Motorsports Poncho C10 shop truck has color on most of the sheet metal.  The guys at
Collision & Automotive Repair are making great progress!  

May/June 2015:
Vincent and the team are making progress on the Chrysler changeover on the funny car chassis - fitting the new
safety equipment for the new configuration and updated 14-71 Littlefield supercharger.  Thanks to Lee and the
crew at
Littlefield Blowers!

During the Sept. 6, 2013 Friday Night Test and Tune session at Famoso. The team ran a 6.35 et at 213 mph under
less than ideal conditions. This performance is the record for a factory Pontiac block.
(click the time slip below for a
larger view)
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The Taylor-Mayeda Racing funny car is one of the top 4 quickest Pontiac-powered drag cars in history.